Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To discover innovative ways to redefine life.


Our Vision


To become No. 1 biological manufacturing company in Pakistan and beyond by 2025.

We deliver optimum outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals through our efforts in science and research.

In 2014, Searle Biosciences Pvt. Limited was established to form a dedicated company to develop and launch biotech medicines that address the unmet medical needs of people with chronic illness and related diseases.

Today, Searle Biosciences Pvt. Limited – is inspired by patients to revolutionize the research, development and manufacturing of innovative, high-quality medicines that help people live longer, with a better quality of life, giving more time to do the things that matter to them. To do our best for patients, we do not accept the status quo. We work to reach more patients nationwide so that patients and society can benefit as quickly as possible.

More than ever, Searle Biosciences Pvt. Limited has a truly national reach. We have the advantage of extraordinarily talented and nationally diverse employees who, through shared goals and different perspectives, are dedicated to helping improve the lives of patients around the Pakistan. We now offer an unmatched portfolio of oncology, hematology, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatology and gastroenterology disease medicines to treat more than 25 conditions in Pakistan.

Our broad pipeline with over 100 new molecular entities in development enables us to change the practice of medicine, and to bring more breakthroughs with real benefits to patients and society.We continually challenge ourselves to the highest standards of compliance, integrity and performance in all that we do to ensure a sustainable future of innovation for patients,society and Searle Biosciences Pvt. Limited.

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Core Values

We are aligned with core values of The Searle Company Limited