Corporate Responsibility

Investing In Our Community: Socially Responsible Corporate Of Pakistan

An organization devoted to providing education for the less-privileged.

As of mid 2005- over 220  schools with an enrollment of over 30,000 children across Pakistan are being  managed by TCF and adding a new purpose-built school every week of the  calendar year.

State of the art hospitals in different residential areas of Pakistan.

  • Qualified & experienced doctors
  • Well-equipped labs
  • 24 hours emergency
  • 100 beds 


An Observational Clinical Study:

An observational clinical study with the name of HOME study has been initiated in Pakistan involving major KOL in collaboration with medical department. Searle Biosciences has provided free of cost treatment to the patients who cannot afford the treatment along with testing after the completion of treatment.


Purpose of observational study is to evaluate quality & efficacy of CHC-400 mg (Sofosbuvir) brand in Pakistani Population.

The study will be continue after the approval of Declatasvir & Velpatasvir as per the EASL 2016 guidelines